Konstantin Escher | UX Researcher

I am a Social Psychologist and User Experience Researcher from Berlin.

User Experience describes everything the user {thinks} and {feels} while interacting with your product.
Take a look into your users’ brain and heart. This will let you understand their needs and expectations.


You want your company to grow? Your users would love to help you. Give them all the reasons to spread your word.

Many people download your app? Sweet. Now turn them into {long lasting satisfied users}.


Some of the organizations I worked for:



What UX research can do for you:

1. You can receive {honest unfiltered feedback} on your work from the people who care most about you.
2. You can validate your ideas with the help of {quantitative} and {qualitative} research methods.
3. You can learn about your users’ daily routines, understand their goals and build products that {improve their lives}.

What I can offer you:

1. Many years of {research experience}. I organized and supervised 20+ quantitative and qualitative studies and testings.
2. The full package from creating a {test design},  {data analysis} and presentation of results with concrete implications.
3. Expert reviews. I will review your product from a {UX expert’s point of view}. Get quick feedback in little time.
4. A deep understanding for digital products and services, {application architecture} and dialogue marketing.

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